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Super Easy. Tell Us Your Idea. Come by The Werth Center & Get Your Tee.
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What is the Werth Center?

Every business starts with an idea. If you want help developing an idea, creating a product or service, or starting a money-making venture, the Werth Center is your launching pad. Workshops, coaching, maker space, website creation, and funding are among the many available resources. And it’s all free. Let’s do this.

Come visit us at Beacon Hall and tour our space.

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Our space is a vibe. Schedule a tour or walk in anytime to work on projects, share ideas, equipment, and knowledge.

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The Werth Center offers a series of workshops and seminars to support you and your growing business.

Tbh, I Don’t Know Where to Start

That’s totally okay. You don’t have to have all the answers. Schedule a tour or walk in The Werth Center anytime. We got this.


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